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People ask me all the time, “Where did you come up with Koalaty Cleaners?”  Some people think I must be from Australia….no, or that it’s a cool twist on the word “Quality”…..no.

The truth of the matter is……

When I was thinking of opening the dry cleaners up again a few years ago, I often passed by a park near the site of my old storefront.  The name of the park was Koalaty Park.  I thought that was kind of a catchy, interesting name and thought the park must be named after someone with the last name of “Koalaty”.  After passing that park more times than I could count, curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to research the park name and see who “Koalaty” was.  I was surprised at my findings…….

Seems there is an educational approach that originated in New Zealand called Koalaty Kid.  The basics of this student centered approach encourages continuous improvement by applying the principles of total quality to the classroom and the management of schools.  The approach is based on partnerships among schools, business sponsors, parents and others involved in the community.  Koalaty Kid strives to create an environment that fosters enthusiasm for learning and instills a sense of responsibility, accountability and self esteem in the students.  I was surprised to learn that two of the public schools in Southlake participate in this approach to learning…therefore the name of the park – Koalaty Park.

I liked the catchiness of the name….playing off the Australian mystery, the “Quality” possibility, but also liked the Koalaty Kid program.  I liked it so much that I set up the Koalaty CARES! Program at the cleaners where 3% of your total cleaning bill is donated to the school, organization or charity of your choice.  Be sure to let us know where we can direct these funds for you.

Now, as for the mascot – KC the Koala…..well, he was just so cute, who could resist?  Stay tuned for more on KC in the upcoming weeks…..things are going on in his life and you don’t want to miss out!


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August 23, 2010 at 6:36 pm


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This weekend I went camping with my son, two of his friends, and their fathers…..a guys’ weekend….no girls allowed!  What is that saying……timing is everything?  Camping in Texas, in August……thank goodness for a pop up camper with air conditioning!

We headed down to Glen Rose, TX to visit the Dinosaur Valley State Park. If you’ve never been there, and have kids, this is a “cool” place to go, (as the kids say.)

The Dinosaur Valley State Park sits across the Paluxy River.  The valley was formed from limestone, mudstone, and sandstone deposits along an ancient sea some 113 million years ago.  Over the course of the last 1 million years, the Paluxy River has worn through these many layers, creating large exposures of rock in the river bottom.  It is in these rocks that the dinosaur tracks were found.  These tracks belong to relatives of the Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The boys had a great time hunting for the tracks, learning about the dinosaurs, and imagining how big these dinosaurs really were.  There are two huge fiberglass “reconstructions” at the park just to give you an idea of how big these critters were…..everything’s bigger in Texas!  You know there are many theories as to why the dinosaurs became extinct…..there’s the asteroid theory, the volcanic theory, the ice age theory, diseases, or global warming.  I’ve got my own theory about what happened to the dinosaurs in Texas.  They were wiped out by a heat wave in August!

The park is home to many other modern day wildlife creatures such as wild turkey, white-tailed deer, coyotes, rabbits, snakes and lizards, just to name a few.  There is no shortage of things to see or do at the park…camping, picnicking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, and wildlife observations.  We all had a great time taking advantage of the area sites and activities.

The boys will be in Indian Guides this fall…..this trip gave them a little taste of what’s in store once that begins.  It also gave us dads a little reminder as well; that there are fun times ahead, the years will go by quickly, and oh…..it’s HOT in Texas in August!


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Just another couple of weeks and the kids will be back in school!  Where has the summer gone?

With back to school, comes the clothes shopping.  Clothes are very expensive, and you want to make sure that your child will be able to wear them long enough for you to get your money’s worth out of them.  Something to keep in mind while buying clothes for the kids is their “livability”.  How sturdy are the clothes, will they be easy to clean, and can they be altered or repaired if necessary.

You want to avoid “special care” fabrics for kids if you can.  Cottons, twills, and synthetic fabrics are easier to deal with when it comes to kids.  They are easier to launder and keep looking fresh.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for clothing that will help you make the grade:

  • Read the care labels for special cleaning instructions.  You may not want to hassle with “hang dry” or “delicate” items for your children.
  • Check all the buttons, sliders, zippers and snaps on the garment prior to purchase to insure that all “moving parts” work properly.
  • Closely inspect the item for frayed or open seams, poor stitching, snags, tears or pilling.  These problems will only become worse with more wear and laundering.
  • Check hems to make sure that they haven’t been torn loose.
  • Check for make-up stains inside the neckline of blouses and jackets, and deodorant stains under the arms.

Of course, the favorite article of clothing for almost anyone at any age is the trusty blue jeans.  They are tough, typically easy to care for, comfortable, and go with anything.  Let me give you a few tips to care for your blue jeans and make them last as long as possible.

  • Don’t forget to pre-treat those grass and mud stains by pre-soaking to remove them prior to washing.
  • Dry clean your jeans – yes, that’s right, have them dry cleaned….it keeps them from fading and shrinking, and they will last twice as long.

By doing a little homework prior to shopping, you’ll be sure to pass the test!

*Don’t forget – Our Koalaty CARES! program donates 3% of your cleaning bill to your favorite school, school organization, or charity.  Be sure to let us know where we can make that donation for you!

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August 9, 2010 at 5:11 pm


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Have you ever spilled some wine on your clothing or linens and panicked?  Or have your kids come home with grass stains on their new dress slacks and you thought “Great, these are ruined”?  Don’t panic…all is not lost if you know how to handle a basic “stain emergency”.

The first thing to do in a stain emergency is to STOP and BLOT!  Don’t begin by rubbing that stain right into the cloth harder.  STOP and BLOT, then consider the following:

Washable clothing and linens require different care than dry clean only items.  Also, oil based stains and water based stains require different types of treatment in order to remove the stains.

Oil based stains typically are absorbed into the fabric and do not usually have an outline.  Oil or grease stains require a lubricant to effectively remove the stain.  Examples of oil based stains are: lipstick, makeup, vinaigrette dressings, grease, fried food, and body oils.

Water based stains usually have an outline around them.  If these stains contain color, it usually takes two or three steps to thoroughly remove the stain.  You can go ahead and dab a little water on them if they contain no oils.  Examples of water based stains are:  coffee, wine, tea, chocolate, fruit drinks, blood, perspiration, and sodas.

Invisible stains such as hairspray, perfume, lotions, powders and deodorants start out as invisible, but over time, will discolor fabrics and cause them to yellow.  Be sure to have your clothing properly laundered after each wearing in order to avoid discoloration and fading from these types of stains.

Grass is a “dye” stain, and also requires special treatment to completely remove the stain.  If it is on a washable fabric, go ahead and use a pre-treating agent and follow directions.  However, don’t apply heat to the item until the stain is completely gone.  Otherwise, the heat will set the stain permanently.

Below are some basic “Do’s and Don’ts” in order to preserve your clothing and linens in case of a stain emergency, and to avoid making it harder for the dry cleaner to restore your items to their original condition:

Don’t – rub a stain

Do – STOP and BLOT….blot it with a dry, white towel or napkin

Don’t – apply water or club soda until you know what type of stain you are dealing with.  NEVER apply water or club soda to an oily stain or dry clean only fabrics.  Using water on a stain can cause the stain to spread, cause dyes to bleed or ruin silk and other dry clean only fabrics.  This will make it difficult for your dry cleaner to thoroughly remove the stain.

Do – have stained items cleaned within 24 – 48 hours and make your dry cleaner aware of the stain.

Don’t – wear articles of clothing more than once before having the item cleaned properly

Do – point out the stain and disclose the nature of the stain to your dry cleaner for proper removal

Don’t – attempt to remove a stain on dry clean only or delicate fabrics yourself

Do – Pre-treat a stain on washable clothing if it is a water based stain, by applying a little water and gently dabbing or soaking the item in cool.

Don’t – listen to old wives tales or follow remedies from the internet

Do – always remember, your dry cleaner is your best source for information on how to properly remove stains and to clean your clothing and linens.