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Cooler weather is on its way, and with that change in the weather; our wardrobes will be changing too.  Leather coats, skirts, and jackets are an expensive addition to your wardrobe, and if cared for properly, can be worn for many years.

Leather is a tanned and treated animal skin.  These animal skins are porous and need to be treated with care to retain their beauty.  Here are a few tips to help keep your leather clothing in tip top shape:

Treat the garment with a leather protector.  This is an inexpensive way to preserve the item and protect it from drying out.  It also makes it easier to clean.

  • Keep your garment dry.  If your leather garment should become wet, allow the garment to air  dry.
  • Always hang your leather coat or jacket on a wide wooden hanger to retain its shape.
  • Store leather garments in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store leather garments in plastic bags.  If you want to cover them, use a cotton clothing bag that can breathe, or wrap a cotton sheet around it.
  • If you should have stains on your leather garment, be sure to have it professionally cleaned ASAP.  The stains will be easier to remove.

Black jacket photo – clothingtutor.com

Dress photo –  Hubpages.com

Motorcycle photo – Daily-freepics.net


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September 21, 2010 at 1:01 pm


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As I mentioned last week at the end of the blog “Koalaty Cleaners – What’s In A Name”, we would talk about our little friend, KC, our koala “mascot”.  If you’ve been into the store, you have no doubt seen him “hanging” around.  The story behind KC is this…….

Prior to opening Koalaty Cleaners three years ago, several of my friends, my wife and both kids were asking if we would have a “mascot” associated with our business.  After some thought I decided that would be a good idea…after all, every successful business has a cool logo, or mascot, or tagline associated with their business…..Koalaty Cleaners deserved that as well!

I had no idea what direction to go, so I placed an ad on Craig’s List to audition for an official mascot.  We received many applications and interviewed many interested candidates.  There was Porky the pig, Bessie the cow, George the giraffe, and also, a close contender, Harry the hippo.  But the one candidate that really stood out was KC, the koala.

KC was full of personality….just arriving from the eastern coast of Australia, he was eager to find a home, meet new people and make friends.  He quickly informed us that he is not a koala “bear”, but simply a koala….and a member of the marsupial family.  He was young and eager to be part of Koalaty Cleaners’ team….we just couldn’t resist his charm, so we promptly anointed him as our official mascot.

Since that time he has been a faithful part of the Koalaty team.  He’s there every day, hanging out on his little pole, and greeting every customer with that cute little face.  He is a happy guy, but recently shared with us that he is lonely and looking for his dream girl.  He said it was hard to meet girls, as no other koalas have come into the cleaners, so he said he signed up for an on-line dating service called ejungledate.com in order to meet Ms. Right.

Let’s all hope that KC meets his dream girl soon.  In the meantime, be sure to say hello to him when you drop off and pick up your dry cleaning and laundry.  And if you have any referrals, I’m sure he would be happy to hear about them.   Check back here and we’ll update you with his dating experience.