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The laundry room.  Not one of your favorite rooms in the home, I know.  Laundry is a chore, a task that has to be done.  However, it rates its own room…..the laundry room.  The laundry room is a little space usually in the back part of the home near the garage.  Most of the time, this room is only big enough for a washer and dryer, and maybe a few shelves.  The laundry room doesn’t normally get nice framed art, granite counter tops, or faux wall finishes.  It’s not typically a fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

A lot of times people use the laundry room to store junk in, or hide things in when they have company coming and need to stash stuff out of sight really quickly.  Suddenly, the laundry room has been turned into a “junk room” or “storage room”.  I mean, really, when’s the last time you had company come over, you gave the grand tour of your home, and actually showed them the laundry room?

Since the laundry room isn’t very big, you don’t stay in there to finish the laundry.  Tell the truth, you’ve got a basket of towels to fold sitting in the chair in the family room right now.  You were going to multi task that chore – fold clothes and watch TV at the same time.  How many of you have a “hang dry” item hanging in the doorway of your bathroom or bedroom right now?  Even your laundry isn’t in the laundry room.  What’s up with that?

You should see my laundry room.  It’s big, full of huge washers and dryers, and even dry cleaning equipment.  I don’t have mops and buckets or junk stored there.  I don’t have “hang dry” items hanging in the doorways, but instead, freshly cleaned clothing hanging on the line waiting for the owners to pick it up or to be delivered to their homes.  It’s a beautiful sight to see.

Come see my laundry room.  Bring your laundry with you.  I might even give you a grand tour.



Written by koalatycleaners

October 13, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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