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Guys, it’s that time of year.  Fall is here…time to get out the fall wardrobe.  You’ve gone to the closet and pulled out a few suits.  They look a little out of date, a little worn, and oh, maybe are a little snug.  You find yourself in need of a new suit or two.  Most men dread the process of picking out clothes, and a suit is the worst!

Going to buy a suit is a whipping for some because they have no idea what style looks best, what color to buy, cuff or not, etc.  A suit is an investment in your wardrobe and you want to get one that fits well, hangs well on you and makes you look like a million bucks!

Below are some great tips to keep in mind when shopping for your next suit:

Pick a classic style – not a trendy style; this way you’ll be able to wear the suit for several years and it won’t go out of style or look dated.

  • Consider the “cut” of the suit.  There are 3 basic cuts:
    • American cut – this is the industry standard, middle of the road cut.  This is the most popular cut for a man’s suit.
    • Full cut – this is a great suit for a fuller figured build.  It hangs straight down and does not taper at the waist, thus giving more room at the waist.  It generally has 2 vents.
    • European cut – This is the cut of suit you want if you are a trim, fit guy.  It tapers at the waist for a trim, fit look.
    • Your jacket should fit well.
      • The collar should lay flat in the back, across your neck without puckering or pulling.
      • The lapel notches should lay flat on your chest and not buckle or bulge out.
      • The sleeves should end at the point where your hand meets your wrist, allowing ¼” of your shirt sleeve to show.
      • Be sure the jacket is comfortable by stretching your arms out straight in front of you.  Sit in a chair and bring your arms up as though you might be resting your arms on your desk or writing.  You don’t want the jacket to bind you.
      • Vents – there are either none, one or two.  Any are OK; however, the men with a more rounded backside should select two vents.
      • Pants should not fit tightly.
      • Cuffs make the pants hang nicely, and should be reserved for taller men.  The cuff should be a standard 1”.
      • Pleats are excellent for fuller figured men.
      • In order to cut the perfect fit, your suit may need to be altered, and your pants may need to be hemmed.  Many department stores have alterations departments, as do many professional dry cleaners.

Accessorizing your suit is important as well, pulling your look together.

  • Your belt should match your shoes.  Select leather shoes with leather soles.
  • Your socks should match your pants and should be “dress” socks, not athletic socks.
  • Shirts – select white dress shirts or plain light blue.  Try to avoid patterned or striped shirts.
  • Ties – this is a place to add a pop of color or a little more “style” to your suit.  You should select a tie that matches your shirt.  If you’ve got a black suit and white shirt, don’t be afraid to add a red tie with a white and black pattern.
  • By changing your ties and shirts out, you can wear the same suit a couple of times each week, but give it a fresh look by changing out the accessories.

Caring for your suit is easy.

  • Never put it in a washing machine or dryer at home.
  • Always take it to a professional dry cleaners for proper cleaning and pressing.  There’s nothing worse than a wrinkled suit!

It’s been said many times before, clothes make the man.  By selecting the proper cut of suit, having a great fitting suit, and proper cleaning/pressing of your garments, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks!


Written by koalatycleaners

November 16, 2010 at 2:19 pm

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