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Spring is officially here, and with that comes lots of outdoor activities; camping trips, yard work, kids playing outdoors and picnics.  Along with those outdoor activities come stains such as mud and grass stains, just to name a few.  Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when treating those stains before it’s too late:


  1. Never use ammonia, degreaser or alkaline detergents because they will permanently set the stain.
  2. Use a liquid or powder detergent that contains enzymes and a stain remover such as bleach.  Mix detergent with water and soak the stained area for 10 – 15 minutes, then scrub!  Rinse with cold water and wash normally.  If the stain isn’t completely gone, repeat but DO NOT place in the clothes dryer until the stain is removed.  Otherwise it will “set” the stain.
  3. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol – wet a sponge with alcohol and scrub the stained area.  Rinse and let it air dry.  Repeat if the stain isn’t completely gone.  Once it is, wash normally.
  4. Bleach and hydrogen peroxide – mix equal parts bleach and peroxide and mix three parts of cold water. Pour on the stained area and let it soak for about an hour.  Rinse and wash as normal.
  5. Shout – Shout is an excellent product.  Apply directly to the stained area, rubbing it in well as you apply.  Let stand about 10 minutes, wash normally.
  6. On all of the treatments above, check to see if stain is gone before drying in clothes dryer.  If it’s not, the heat from the dryer will permanently set the stain.
  7. Dry clean only – if your item is dry clean only, do not attempt to remove the stain yourself.  Take to your favorite dry cleaner, and point it out to them.


  1. First, allow the stained clothing to dry.
  2. Brush over the stained area with a stiff brush and remove as much dried mud as possible.
  3. Soak in a mixture of laundry detergent and cold water for about 15 minutes.  Remove from water and scrub the stained area again with the stiff brush.  Rinse, and repeat if necessary.
  4. Once you’ve removed all you can by soaking and scrubbing, wash normally.  Check the stained area prior to drying in the clothes dryer to avoid setting the stain.
  5. Shout is also good for removing mud from clothing.  Rub on the stained area, let stand for about 10 minutes and wash normally.

Always remember, your dry cleaner is your best source for information on how to properly remove stains and to clean your clothing and linens.  We’re just a phone call away!



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The spring /summer “wedding season” is about to begin.  A wedding is certainly a very exciting time in a bride’s life, but she is also faced with making many important decisions.  One of which is what to do with her wedding gown after the vows are shared and the party is over.

A wedding gown is the most important and expensive garment a woman will wear.  And, she will only wear it once.  Many brides choose to keep their gown as a keepsake or heirloom to pass down to their own children.   These gowns are works of art, often covered with lace, intricate beading, and delicate handwork.  In order to maintain the gown’s original beauty, it must be properly cleaned and stored.

Koalaty Cleaners provides Wedding Gown Preservation service.  Wedding Gown Preservation is the cleaning and preservation (or packaging) of the gown, in order to preserve it in its original condition for years to come.  Koalaty uses state-of-the art equipment and methods to clean and preserve the gown.  It is very important that the gown is cleaned ASAP, preferably within six weeks of the ceremony in order to remove any stains and prevent oxidation of the fabric.  If oxidation has already begun, or the gown has become discolored, Koalaty can, in most cases, restore the gown back to its original color.

Upon receiving the wedding gown, we will analyze the fabric, the embellishments, and the stains, and clean it accordingly.  Standard stains such as grass, mud, make-up and body oils are not usually a problem to remove from most fabrics.  The most difficult stains to remove are Wite-out (which brides use to cover small spots prior to or during the wedding/photo shoots) and self-tanning products.  The cleaning process begins with hand scrubbing of the hem, which is generally the most soiled area of the gown, then spot treating any additional stains.  We use a virgin solvent in our cleaning process that is safe for delicate fabrics.  We do NOT use Perchloroethylene or “Perc” in our cleaning service, as it is very abrasive and damaging to the gown and its embellishments.

Once the dress is thoroughly cleaned, it is then steamed or pressed, gently folded, and packaged with an acid-free tissue, which will extend the life of the fabric.  The gown will then be placed in an acid-free archival box, which is hermetically sealed, depleted of oxygen and filled with an inert gas, ensuring maximum protection of the gown.  We use archival boxes that have a viewing window so the bride can always share her keepsake with others.  Many brides like to include their veils, shoes, trains, photos, invitations and napkins as part of their “permanent keepsake collection”, and we are happy to include these items in our preservation packaging process for our customers.

This entire process usually takes about four to eight weeks, depending on the detailing of the dress.  Every gown we clean and preserve carries a “Lifetime Guarantee” against oxidation, fading, mold, etc.

If you are interested in our Wedding Gown Preservation Service, or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Gown by Edenbridal.com



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OK ladies, it’s your turn.  Let’s see what’s in that closet of yours for spring!  After all, it’s just a few weeks away, and I’m sure you have nothing to wear!

Of course, you need to start just like I told the guys last week…clean out your closet.

First, pull out all of your spring/summer clothes from the closet.  If they are old, worn out, or out of date, throw them in a pile for donations immediately!  Just do it!

Next, make stacks according to the garments, i.e., jeans, shorts, tops, dresses, etc.

Now, try everything on.  Does it have all the buttons, does the zipper work, does it still fit?  If it’s worth altering, such as a suit or jacket, or if it needs repairs, make a stack for alterations.

Does it need cleaning?  If so, make a stack for “dry cleaning” and one for “laundry”.

Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, spruce up what you have with a few new pieces.

Crisp, white clothing is in for the spring and summer.  Keep your white tank tops and T’s, and pair them with a new pair of Capri pants or a floral skirt (floral prints are big this season).

Another great fashion find would be a military type, khaki colored jacket/vest.  Pair with your white tank or T, even a white button down you already have, a pair of jeans, and you’ve got a whole new look!

Nautical stripes are in, so grab a nautical themed top to pair with navy or white shorts you’ve already got.

Tanks are lacy and layered right now.  How about a bright colored lacy tank that can either be worn for a casual look with jeans, or paired with a long, flowing skirt for a more dressed up approach.

I know, no matter what, you ladies have got to get some new jewelry.  This season calls for chunky styled jewelry.  You can get a lot of mileage from a great piece of jewelry, even if the outfit isn’t new…the jewelry is, and that’s what everyone will be looking at!

Remember, if you’re trying to stay on a budget, buy pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn as several different looks….casual and dressy!  By doing this you’ll get more out of your wardrobe!



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Spring is right around the corner!  Now’s the time to get your wardrobe together so you will be prepared for those warmer days and nights.  So, let’s go to your closet and take a look!  (I’m going to address the guys today…ladies, next week.)

First, pull out all of your spring/summer clothes from the closet.  If they are old, worn out, or out of date, throw them in a pile for donations immediately!  Just do it!

Next, make stacks according to the garments, i.e., suits in one stack, jeans in another, dress shirts in another, etc…you get it.

Now, take a look at each piece of clothing…try it on.  Does it have all the buttons, does the zipper work, does it still fit?  If it’s worth altering, such as a suit or jacket, or if it needs repairs, make a stack for alterations.

Does anything need cleaning?  If so, make a stack for “dry cleaning” and one for “laundry”.

Don’t forget your ties!  Ties seem to get neglected in the cleaning/care area.  Take a look at your ties…if they look a little dirty or have a spot on them, toss those in the dry cleaning pile.  If they are looking old and worn, toss them!

Lastly, take a look at what you have.  Are you a little bored with your dress shirts that go with that suit?  Need a new tie, or just want to switch things up a little?  Bored with your weekend wear?  Here are a few fashion tips for spring/summer that can help you spruce up your look without spending a fortune on an entirely new wardrobe:

Ties are a great way to add personality and color to that same old suit! These are not your grandpa’s plaid ties! These are deeper, richer tones, and perfect for the spring/summer. Image: GQ

Add some color with a pocket square…for some pizzazz, pick one with polka dots. Select cotton or silk…avoid shiny fabrics! Image: GQ

Tired of the same old dress shirts – light blue, white? Great new look for this spring/summer is a khaki dress shirt! It goes with suits, jeans, everything! And, check out the plaid tie! Image: GQ

Toss out your old T-shirts and grab a few new rugby shirts for the weekend! They’re back in style and great no matter what color! Image: GQ

Want to “go green” with your wardrobe? Pick up a few of these great bamboo T’s. Great for everyday wear, or even under a jacket! They wick away moisture and keep you dry, plus they feel like silk! Image: bambooclothes.com