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I know lately you’ve been hearing a lot about Earth Day.  Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22nd.  If you’re not familiar with Earth Day I’ll fill you in…

Earth Day is a day to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.  It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisconsin) as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries around the world every year.

At Koalaty Cleaners we use an environmentally friendly cleaning process and we don’t use “perc”, which is a very toxic chemical used in the dry cleaning industry.  We also recycle our plastic dry cleaning bags and metal hangers.  You can help with this effort by bringing in your bags and hangers along with your laundry/dry cleaning and we’ll take care of the rest!

Other ways you can protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint are:

  • Participate in your community’s local recycling program, i.e., aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic containers and paper items.
  • Many cities have a recycling program for “organic” materials such as your grass clippings and tree branches, etc.  The city will collect these items and turn them into compost and mulch, which you can in turn pick up from the city and use in your garden and flower beds.
  • Adjust your washing machine’s water level to the appropriate size load; don’t set on high, when you only have 4 or 5 items in the washer
  • Use environmentally friendly laundry detergents
  • Purchase clothing made from natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton and even hemp.
  • Start your own compost program at home
  • Turn off lights and electronic equipments when not in use
  • Consolidate trips when running errands, thus cutting back on your gasoline consumption
  • Park your car and ride your bicycle, walk, or ride public transportation

Celebrate Earth Day by consciously doing something “environmentally friendly”!  Whatever you choose to do, know that every little bit helps to preserve the Earth.  Whether you do a little or a lot, it all helps!



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It’s time to get those bathing suits out and get ready to hit the beach or pool!  I know you ladies put in a lot of time and effort to select just the perfect suit (or two), and they can be quite expensive these days.  You want that suit to look great, fit great and last a few seasons!  How do you do that, you ask?

Well, bathing suits are mostly made from synthetic materials such as polyester, Lycra and spandex.  These materials are easily broken down over time by chlorine, salt, sand, tanning oils and body oils, so proper and timely cleaning is very important! In addition to normal wear and tear on a bathing suit, the way you clean it can also cause harm.

Here are some tips to keep that suit looking fresh, fitting great and lasting a few seasons!

  1. If possible, immediately after coming out of the ocean, pool or hot tub, rinse off with clear water.  Removing chlorine and salt as soon as possible will extend the wear of your suit.
  2. Of course always check the care label on the garment before washing.  With modern washing machines, these days washing suits on delicate is usually fine.
  3. Be sure to wash on cold water, delicate cycle, with a very mild detergent such as Woolite.
  4. If you choose to, you can wash the suit in the sink by hand, with mild detergent.  Wring gently.
  5. Use a liquid detergent instead of a powder, to reduce abrasion on the suit.
  6. NEVER use bleach on a swim suit.
  7. NEVER put a bathing suit in the dryer.  The heat from the dryer will break down the fabric.  Lay it on a towel or hang it up to air dry.

With just a little TLC you can keep that bathing suit looking great and stretch your investment into a few seasons!


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The weather is warming up already here in Texas, and we are just around the corner from summer!  We tend to have a very short spring, so getting geared up NOW for summer is essential!

I’m often asked what fabrics are best for hot weather.  Of course, we all know to stay away from dark colors as much as possible because they absorb heat…go with white or light pastels which will reflect the heat and sun.  Go for lighter weight fabrics for ventilation.  As far as fabric types, I’ve listed a few of my favorites and explain why they are good choices for summer, especially in hot climates.

Cotton – Cotton’s a natural fabric, breathes, wicks away moisture and is easy to clean.  Cotton comes in a wide variety of styles and weights, anywhere from sheer, gauzy type fabrics to heavy denim.  Cotton garments of course have to be pressed, but if you get a blend of cotton/bamboo, or even cotton and polyester (cotton being the dominant component) you’ll be able to avoid the ironing.

Bamboo – It’s also a natural fiber, great at wicking away moisture and keeping you cool.  Bamboo feels much like silk, and is very soft and versatile.  There are cotton/bamboo blended fabrics which hold up great for summer as well.  Bamboo is also very easy to clean.  Many designers are using bamboo for work out clothing as opposed to spandex because of its great ability to keep you dry and cool.

Linen – Linen is a great summer fabric, as it is breathable, soft, and absorbs moisture quickly.    Like cotton, linen comes in a variety of weights and is used for everything from lightweight blouses to heavier weight jackets.  Linen’s biggest drawback is the fact that it needs to be ironed.  To minimize the need for ironing you could select a cotton/linen blend which is a very luxurious fabric and is great for summer.

Try to stay away from synthetic fabrics such as polyester, spandex or nylon as much as possible.  These fabrics do not breathe or absorb moisture. Save these fabrics for your swim wear.