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These days everyone seems to be going “green”, even where their clothing is concerned.  Eco-friendly clothing is a growing area in the fashion industry with more and more designers using eco-friendly products.

One such product that we are hearing more and more about is bamboo!  Who would have thought we would ever be wearing clothes made from bamboo?  Bamboo fabric is used to make towels, curtains and clothing.  100% bamboo fabric is not very pliable and is generally not used for clothing.  But, when bamboo is blended with wool, cotton or lycra, it is the perfect marriage for clothing.  At first, it sounded a little stiff and itchy to me, but actually, bamboo blends look and feel very similar to cashmere or silk.  Clothing designers love the fact that it drapes beautifully and feels like silk, but is less expensive!

There are many benefits of bamboo clothing that I had never considered.  For instance:

  1. Bamboo contains a natural anti-bacterial agent called “kun”, making it resistant to pests while growing, and making it resistant to fungus and bacteria when made into clothing.  A pair of bamboo socks would be a great choice for someone who is prone to athlete’s foot.
  2. Great at wicking away moisture, making it perfect for work-out clothing and socks
  3. It’s very soft and safe to use for baby and children’s clothing
  4. Sheets made from bamboo are great because of the anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties…plus they are extremely soft!
  5. Does not generate static electricity, so there’s no clinging
  6. Easy to care for as you can see below

Check the manufacturer’s label, but generally the below applies:

  1. Wash on delicate or gentle cycle in cold water
  2. No need for fabric softener sheets or softener in the wash cycle
  3. Use very little detergent, and make sure it is mild
  4. Do not use bleach on bamboo fabric
  5. Line dry or air dry your bamboo clothing.  Never dry in the dryer, as it will cause shrinkage
  6. Iron on the very lowest setting, with a dry iron.  Using steam will make rings on the clothing that cannot be removed



If you are eco-conscious and want to carry that through to your wardrobe, try out bamboo clothing!  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.