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As I write this, I find that we are right in the middle of “wedding season”.  A wedding is certainly a very exciting time in a bride’s life, but she is also faced with making many important decisions.  One of which is what to do with her wedding gown after the vows are shared and the party is over.

A wedding gown is the most important and expensive garment a woman will wear.  And, she will only wear it once.  Many brides choose to keep their gown as a keepsake or heirloom to pass down to their own children.   These gowns are works of art, often covered with lace, intricate beading, and delicate handwork.  In order to maintain the gown’s original beauty, it must be properly cleaned and stored.

Koalaty Cleaners provides Wedding Gown Preservation service.  Wedding Gown Preservation is the cleaning and preservation (or packaging) of the gown, in order to preserve it in its original condition for years to come.  Koalaty uses state-of-the art equipment and methods to clean and preserve the gown.  It is very important that the gown is cleaned ASAP, preferably within six weeks of the ceremony in order to remove any stains and prevent oxidation of the fabric.  If oxidation has already begun, or the gown has become discolored, Koalaty can, in most cases, restore the gown back to its original color.

Upon receiving the wedding gown, we will analyze the fabric, embellishments, and stains, and clean it accordingly.  Standard stains such as grass, mud, make-up and body oils are not usually a problem to remove from most fabrics.  The most difficult stains to remove are Wite-out (which brides use to cover small spots prior to or during the wedding/photo shoots) and self-tanning products.  The cleaning process begins with hand scrubbing of the hem, which is generally the most soiled area of the gown, then spot treating any additional stains.  We use a virgin solvent in our cleaning process that is safe for delicate fabrics.  We do NOT use Perchloroethylene or “Perc” in our cleaning service, as it is very abrasive and damaging to the gown and its embellishments.

Once the dress is thoroughly cleaned, it is then steamed or pressed, gently folded, and packaged with an acid-free tissue, which will extend the life of the fabric.  The gown will then be placed in an acid-free archival box, which is hermetically sealed, depleted of oxygen and filled with an inert gas, ensuring maximum protection of the gown.  We use archival boxes that have a viewing window so the bride can always share her keepsake with others.  Many brides like to include their veils, shoes, trains, photos, invitations and napkins as part of their “permanent keepsake collection”, and we are happy to include these items in our preservation packaging process for our customers.

This entire process usually takes about four to eight weeks, depending on the detailing of the dress.  Every gown we clean and preserve carries a “Lifetime Guarantee” against oxidation, fading, mold, etc.

If you are interested in our Wedding Gown Preservation service, or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

*Gown by Eden Bridals