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This weekend I went camping with my son, two of his friends, and their fathers…..a guys’ weekend….no girls allowed!  What is that saying……timing is everything?  Camping in Texas, in August……thank goodness for a pop up camper with air conditioning!

We headed down to Glen Rose, TX to visit the Dinosaur Valley State Park. If you’ve never been there, and have kids, this is a “cool” place to go, (as the kids say.)

The Dinosaur Valley State Park sits across the Paluxy River.  The valley was formed from limestone, mudstone, and sandstone deposits along an ancient sea some 113 million years ago.  Over the course of the last 1 million years, the Paluxy River has worn through these many layers, creating large exposures of rock in the river bottom.  It is in these rocks that the dinosaur tracks were found.  These tracks belong to relatives of the Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The boys had a great time hunting for the tracks, learning about the dinosaurs, and imagining how big these dinosaurs really were.  There are two huge fiberglass “reconstructions” at the park just to give you an idea of how big these critters were…..everything’s bigger in Texas!  You know there are many theories as to why the dinosaurs became extinct…..there’s the asteroid theory, the volcanic theory, the ice age theory, diseases, or global warming.  I’ve got my own theory about what happened to the dinosaurs in Texas.  They were wiped out by a heat wave in August!

The park is home to many other modern day wildlife creatures such as wild turkey, white-tailed deer, coyotes, rabbits, snakes and lizards, just to name a few.  There is no shortage of things to see or do at the park…camping, picnicking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, and wildlife observations.  We all had a great time taking advantage of the area sites and activities.

The boys will be in Indian Guides this fall…..this trip gave them a little taste of what’s in store once that begins.  It also gave us dads a little reminder as well; that there are fun times ahead, the years will go by quickly, and oh…..it’s HOT in Texas in August!