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Spring is almost here, and it’s time to get prepared to do the proverbial “Spring Cleaning”.

Draperies and window coverings are sometimes forgotten.  However, they are major “dust catchers” and should be cleaned at least twice each year.  Here are just a few tips to help you when cleaning your window coverings.

  1. Remove all dust prior to washing or dry cleaning by vacuuming the drapes/window coverings while they are still hanging up.  This is extremely important because some dust could turn to “mud” when put in the washer or exposed to dry cleaning solution.
  2. Remove all curtain rings or drapery pins unless they are permanently attached
  3. Read the care label on the window covering.  Fine draperies and curtains usually require dry cleaning.  If they are lined, sometimes the lining is washable, but the outer drapery fabric is not.  In this case, you should definitely dry clean!
  4. If washing sheers or open weave/lace type coverings, wash on delicate cycle with a mild detergent.  Dry on low.
  5. Press prior to re-hanging or hang, then use a steamer to remove wrinkles
  6. Also, if you’ve got a canopy or draping over your bed, you’ll need to clean those in the same manner

Then, while you’ve got your draperies and window coverings removed from their usual post, you can clean the windows and blinds!  One thing leads to another!

Don't forget to clean the canopy over your bed, too!



Written by koalatycleaners

February 16, 2011 at 11:12 am