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Did you see the movie “Mommie Dearest”?  Well, if you did, I’m sure you remember Joan Crawford’s deep affection for wire coat hangers!  Actually she despised them…and I have to tell you I agree.

Basic wire hangers have a temporary use, and that is to get your clothes home from the store or dry cleaners.  After that, you don’t want to leave them on those hangers very long as they will cause your garments to “crease” on the shoulders and collars of shirts, and at the knees on slacks.  As soon as you get your clothes home from the dry cleaners, you should remove them from the plastic bag, and hang your clothes on better hangers.

The Container Store is a great source for hangers of all types.  They carry everything from light weight plastic hangers to heavy duty wooden hangers.  Once you’ve made the initial investment, these hangers will last forever and will protect your clothing and keep it looking great!  Below are some of my favorites:

These hardwood hangers are great for blouses, shirts, slacks and skirts. If you are limited on space you can double up items on the second and third hangers, using them for a shirt/blouse AND slacks or skirts.

These “break resistant” plastic hangers are great as well. You can use the notched hanger to hold tank tops or items of clothing with thin straps.

Padded hangers are great for sweaters, shawl collars and jackets.

These heavy duty plastic hangers are great for jeans. You can also hang belts on the hook. Plastic hangers come in various sizes and are great for your kids’ clothing!

Do you ever have a hard time keeping up with your belts? This hanger will help you keep those items in one place.

Keep your scarves tangle and wrinkle free with this terrific hanger.

Cedar hangers are a great way to store your clothing in its “off season”…they keep your clothing in great shape and repel moths!

What do you do with those wire hangers?  Koalaty Cleaners and most dry cleaners will take them back and recycle them.


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